Healing is…Buffering

Therapy can be full of challenges. So can quarantining because of COVID-19. So it is understandable that therapy during the quarantine would have its own challenges.

I experienced one of those challenges the other day when there were moments where the video on Zoom was buffering, or when the audio was cutting in and out. This can be particularly off-putting when it happens amid an important point or an important realization.

Yet life sometimes comes with delays and hurdles that need to be overcome. And in our modern technological world, it is even more understandable that technology would be responsible for some of those challenges. Despite this, I feel incredibly fortunate that I can continue therapy safely and am hopeful that teletherapy will continue to be more widely available after this public health crisis has passed.

An under talked about issue during the era of COVID is the fact that it is creating a separate mental health crisis, one that exacerbates the battles that those of us who experience mental illness must face. So buffering and waiting for my therapy to load is worth the frustration to maintain the progress I have made managing my mental illnesses. And hopefully all of you dear readers have been able to maintain your therapy virtually during these challenging times as well. And as always, thanks for reading.


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