And So The Calendar Flips to May

Hello May. Photo by Bich Tran from

Today marks the first day of May. Happy May Day everyone. As was the case with the beginning of April, May rolls in looking very strange indeed, as most of us are currently sheltering in place because of the Coronavirus, myself included.


Yet I highlight the change in the calendar for two reasons. The first is because perhaps not everyone is tracking the days, and sometimes a reminder can be helpful.

The second reason is that every day that passes is a day closer to this pandemic being behind us. As someone who has found myself in dark times before, I can say with confidence that darkness passes. The light will return. And history backs me up too. All the previous pandemics we have survived have passed, and so too this one will pass. We just have to wait it out.

So once again, Happy May Day one and all. Thank you to all who are doing your part. Excellent job, everyone who is maintaining their self-care routines during this quarantine. And as always, thank you one and all for reading.


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