The Story Goes On

Today is Project Semicolon Day, which is celebrated by pictures of semicolons, a symbol that says a sentence isn’t over, but rather it goes on. Applied to mental health, the sentence is one’s life, and the semicolon represents someone who is still fighting instead of ending their life early.

A semicolon stands for someone whose story goes on instead of ending early.

In the darkness, it can be easy to let the demons win. At my darkest moments, I wasn’t actively suicidal, but I was passively suicidal, not caring about what happened to me. I am so glad that I never slipped further down because it would have been dangerously easy for the darkness to fully claim me. Yet I fought on. And I got help. And it got better. And I am still here.

And so are so many others who have fought against demons that only they can see. And if you are in that darkness, know that you are not alone. Others have been through the same fight as well. There is light on the other side. It does get better.

And hopefully, many other people will share semicolons today too to remind people that the story does go on.

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