If Only People Responded to Mental Illness with the Same Seriousness as Coronavirus

Around the world, people are staying inside to avoid the novel Coronavirus currently going around. Of course, individuals who battle anxiety disorders, like me, are no strangers to staying inside because of their illness. Yet while it is considered responsible to stay inside because of Coronavirus, too many people still consider it a weakness if you stay inside because of anxiety or depression.

Both are medical conditions. Self-care for both includes staying inside if you need to stay inside. Yet they are viewed differently. Similarly, resting all day when you battle the demons of depression is considered lazy by some, but when you are battling a respiratory virus, it is understandable to those same people.

I don’t wish Coronavirus on anyone. Nor do I wish mental illness on anyone. What I do wish is that people took mental illness as real as physical illness. 

And hopefully, when we come out on the other side of this, people will view others who face their own battles with more compassion. Because I refuse to let a virus or my mental illness completely kill my hope in people. 

Have a good weekend everyone, and stay safe.


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