Mental Health Solutions in the Era of Social Distancing

The world has changed dramatically over the past several weeks. And it may be several months before things return to normal. So, what does that mean for access to mental health treatment, which already had certain hurdles? In some cases, the Coronavirus might be tearing down those walls.

First, if you see a therapist in the traditional way, you should check with them about options for remote therapy sessions. In the past, this might not have been possible because of certain HIPAA regulations since most forms of digital communication aren’t private. However, recent actions by the federal government have cut through that red tape, creating the option for teletherapy.

However, even if your provider is not offering teletherapy options, you can turn to established teletherapy providers such as and So one way or the other, social distancing doesn’t have to be the end of your mental health treatment.

What is needed more than ever is to cover individuals for Coronavirus specific anxieties, such as anxiety over the virus itself, as well as anxiety for loved ones. In particular, while treatment for individuals infected by the virus may be covered by recent legislation, the government must go further, providing counseling services for the loved ones of those infected. Often, the emotional strain on caretakers and family members can be as great or greater than on the infected individual and the government needs to realize that.

These certainly are different times that we are currently experiencing. Yet there are options out there for those who need mental health treatment within their own home. So where ever you, and however you are protecting yourself from this virus, know that there are still tools to help you be well.

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