Sometimes A Cough is Just A Cough

Coronavirus. Apparently, my last post didn’t put the issue to rest, and people are still talking about it. And as hard as that is to believe, I figured it was worth a second post over something I’ve noticed happening, sometimes in jest, sometimes in seriousness. And that is people stopping and holding their breath when someone around them coughs. Sometimes a cough is just a cough people. Calm down.

Don’t get me wrong, this virus is serious, especially if you are someone who has contact with vulnerable populations. However, not ever cough is a Coronavirus cannon, spreading the disease everywhere.

And I know, I know how easy it is to assume the worst. After all, my anxiety disorder has made me a pro at assuming the worst, so I can safely say that usually the worst never comes to pass. Chances are that cough was just something stuck in the person’s throat, or allergies, or whatever. And chances are that if you were more than six feet away, you wouldn’t have been exposed even if it was a contagious cough.

Unfortunately, I also know that when your mind immediately jumps to the worst-case scenario, it can be hard to reason with it using pesky things like facts and statistics. So, instead, let’s assume that that cough chock-full of Coronavirus particles. You can’t control the fact that the person coughed, you can only control your response. Are you already washing your hands diligently? Is that going to change after seeing someone cough? Okay, so maybe you beeline to the closest sink to wash your hands again, that does no harm.

In short, you can’t control the course the virus will take. You can only control your actions. So keep washing your hands. If you are nervous about an event, skip it. And if you are the one who coughs, don’t assume you are dying. Again, if it is Coronaviris it will be accompanied by a fever. If you have a cough and fever and are worried, make an appointment with a healthcare professional, or decide that you are going to self-quarantine. And always, always, keep practicing self-care. That can be particularly hard during times like this, but it is so important.

These are all things you can control. And focusing on that will hopefully help you stop worrying so much. Because seriously, sometimes a cough is just a cough.

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