A Case of Meh

Or you can call it the fog or a lack of spoons, but I prefer meh. It wasn’t a full-blown depression that I was experiencing these last couple days, more just a general aimlessness. It was a difficulty concentrating. A difficulty getting motivated, really just an all-around meh as my depression said what is the point of starting something that probably wouldn’t work out anyway.

Combined with this was the fact that the WiFi went down for a bit yesterday and my depression said why even bother as my productivity slowed to a crawl.

Today has been better, and my delay posting this was because I actually had other things I was doing, as opposed to procrastination from the meh. Moreover, I learned from this latest meh. I learned how to be mindful of the impact it has on my productivity so that I can set realistic expectations the next time a period of meh comes along.

In short, mehs happen. It is part of how my brain works and I have to accept that. But I can also learn from it. Learn how to manage it. And so can you.

And the mehs also make you appreciate the productive moments when they come all that much more.

So wherever you are, I thank you for reading and I hope your weekend is anything by meh.

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