When Mental Health and Physical Health Both Take A Dip

It seems, despite my best efforts, I have caught a cold (damn you germs, what did I ever do to you). Indeed, my reason for being much later than usual on this post is that I have spent most of the day resting, trying to preemptively knock this bug out of my system. So far, no luck.

Spending all day in bed is certainly familiar to me courtesy of my depressive episodes. Yet being forced to bed for a physical ailment while my mental health is also not a hundred percent is even more of a challenge. It is an attack on two fronts. When your body betrays you as much as your mind, it is no surprise that even the simplest challenges become a struggle.

Yet this cold is temporary. And despite the lies whispered by my demons, so are my dark days. Staying mindful of better times and knowing they are just around the corner helps. Maybe I can’t do anything useful today, but I can look forward to doing something useful tomorrow.

And so, on that note, I think I am destined to go back to resting. I hope everyone out there is better than I am at the moment.

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