The State of Mental Health in This Here Union

Last night was President Trump’s State of the Union address. And I don’t care what you thought about it. I don’t care whether you agreed with it or wanted to follow Nancy Pelosi’s lead and rip it up. I don’t care because I am going to talk about the one thing that is never talked about enough in these types of speeches and that is the state of mental health in this here union.

And honestly, we need to talk about the state of mental health. Because suicide rates are on the rise, but it is getting no easier to find access to mental health care. Teletherapy apps like BetterHelp have helped in this regard, but there is still a long way to go. And the prices of prescription medication for mental health care is also still a challenge for too many. And that is just the official policy stuff. The stigma is a whole other ballgame.

Because that is the real harm that comes from not talking about mental healthcare enough during these national conversations. How can the state of our union be expected to reach it’s full potential if too many still suffer in silence due to stigma? How can we advance if the suicide rate and overdoses are a major reason why life expectancy in this country is retreating? If we don’t talk about it now, then when? When is the right time to break this stigma if not now?

Yet nevertheless, from where I sit, the state of mental healthcare in this country is hopeful. I was inspired to start this blog after seeing so many others talk openly about their battle. Celebrities are making it an issue of national conversation that can be normalized. Bit by bit we are biting into that stigma. Medical advances are unlocking new secrets, new treatments, and rediscovering old treatments as well, such as ketamine. And mindfulness and meditation practices have gone from hippy new-age sections of the book store to the mainstream as celebrities and athletes highlight the positive impact such practices have. Yes, I have many reasons to believe that the state of mental health in this union is a hopeful state, one which has a long arc towards healing, towards recovery, and towards destigmatization.

So bless you for doing your part by reading, bless you if you are struggling right now through darkness too many of us know too well. It does get better. You get better. And God willing, the state of mental healthcare in this country gets better.

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