Well, This Is A Real Pain In The…

My apologies for the delayed post today, I woke up with a lot of pain in my back as well as a headache, and in the interest of self-care, decided to rest, which has helped the former and mostly resolved the latter. As for the pain in my back, allow me to show you what it looks like through the lens of anxiety.

What probably happened: I slept on it funny and it just needs to work itself out.

What also might have happened: I tweaked something working out, and with a little rest, my back will be fine.

What my anxiety-riddled mind thinks: It is cancer. Or maybe when the doctor removed that suspicious mole the wound got infected. The infection is now in my spine. I’m going to be paralyzed. No, wait, the infection will also travel up my spine and infect my brain. My weighted blanket broke my back. I developed sudden onset scoliosis. My spine is trying to leave my body because it is tired of trying to hold me upright. I’ve been sleepwalking and fell down the stairs.

This is only slightly hyperbolic even though I know how ridiculous it all sounds, which is exactly why anxiety is such a pain in the…well you know.

Ugh, if anyone needs me I’ll be researching whether Skelegrow from Harry Potter is a real thing because I’m pretty sure I need to grow a new spine.

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