Mindfully Mindless Entertainment…With A Cat

This morning I was lying in bed, refusing to acknowledge the fact that I had to start my day for as long as possible as I was weighed down by anxiety, depression, and of course my weighted blanket. My cat decided to join me, possibly because she was looking for company, but also possibly because she views sheets and blankets as personal challenges. I swear she was a gopher in a former life the way she tunnels into blankets. And so, I lay there and watched her try valiantly to get under my weighted blank ( she was confused by its heft), before settling for the bedsheet, which was a far easier target.

And as I watched this blob shuffle about under the sheet until she was hopelessly entangled in it and needed assistance getting out, I couldn’t help be amused, and more than that I was mindful of this mindless entertainment that the cat had provided me. I was mindful of the amused feeling, mindful of the fact she was there because she wanted to be close to me, and most importantly of all mindful of the way this moment made me feel as opposed to just a few minutes before.

Of course, my anxiety and depression were still waiting for me when the moment passed and I finally had to get out of bed and start my day. This moment of mindfully mindless entertainment didn’t cure it, just offered a brief distraction. But I think if I challenge myself, I can find many such moments in my day. And that is the point of being mindful, not letting anxiety about future possible but improbable terrors take you away from the moments that are here and now. It isn’t a fast road to recovery, and it isn’t a cure. It is just one moment, one moment that was a little better than the last. And that is something.

So if you are struggling out there, know that you aren’t alone. And I know it can be tough, but I challenge you to find one moment to be mindful of a mindlessly entertaining moment. Then maybe tomorrow you try to be mindful of two positive moments. And maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to the point where we don’t have to try. I wish that for us both, and as always I thank you for stopping by.

Oh, and here is a picture of Ginny cat for your enjoyment, because I am pretty sure it is against the rules of the internet to talk about a cat without posting a picture.

Sleeping on top of a blanket instead of under it, but Ginny cat is still as cute as ever. 


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