Holiday Recovery

Christmas is now behind us, Hanukkah is moving along, Kwanzaa is just starting, and many of the other year-end traditions are in various stages of completion. Family have come and gone, or maybe the celebrations were a little more low key. Maybe there were friends or feasts, maybe there wasn’t. Maybe you found yourself wishing for more company or maybe you found yourself in a crowded family gathering wishing for more alone time. No matter what your traditions, no matter what you felt, I can pretty much guarantee you weren’t alone in the feelings you had. 

Holidays can be a joyous time, but they can also be difficult. And they can be both at the same time. You may love your family and still want more alone time. The two most important things are to let yourself feel whatever it is you are feeling and to have a plan for recovery. 

Recovery can be time alone to recharge your social batteries. It can be journaling. It can be meditation. Really it can be anything, anything that makes you happy and restores you. For example, my recovery will be rest, writing, and getting back to a normal schedule after a busy holiday week. 

So I hope you had, are having, or will have, a wonderful holiday season, but I also hope you find time in this busy season for yourself, time to recover and recharge after the holiday season. And last but not least, thanks for reading.

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