Damn You Baby Yoda

Like so many others, I’ve gotten into Disney Plus. And Star Wars fan that I am, I’m very excited about the Mandalorian. And even if you aren’t into the Mandalorian, you’ve probably seen the memes of Baby Yoda flooding your social media feed.

Baby Yoda. Photo used under a creative commons license.

And damn you Baby Yoda, not just because how cute you are, but because you also look so snug in your blankets. You are like the epitome of self-care. You make me envious of your self-care style and guilty of my lack of self-care.

But alas, compare myself to others, I should not. Because I am not in a galaxy far far away, nor am I a small green force-sensitive alien species. I need to remember to be me and take self-care at my own pace, even if that damn Baby Yoda always looks so snug. And I hope you find self-care at your own pace as well, dear reader.

And as always, thanks for reading.

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