A Light in The Darkness: A Dark Tales Project Podcast

This blog has been helpful for me. The writing has been therapeutic and it has been great seeing comments that remind everyone that you are not alone if you happen to be battling mental illness. And as I announced yesterday, I am starting a new platform to talk about mental health, this time with a focus on how faith and mental illness intersect. The new platform is a podcast called “A Light in the Darkness.” It is currently available on Spotify, Anchor, and Overcast. With any luck, it will be available on more platforms soon. Social media will also be up and running soon and new episodes will be out after the New Years. 

If you are a person of faith who has struggled with the stigma in the church community, then this might be the perfect podcast for you. Yet even if you aren’t a person of faith, some of the topics will carry broader themes, such as forgiveness and self-compassion, themes that would be valuable to anyone currently battling the demons in their own head. 

Mental illness isn’t a weakness. It isn’t a weakness of the person, nor is it a weakness of faith. Yet just like in the larger society, it is crucial that we push back on the stigma in the church community as well. Only then can true healing start. 

So if any of this interests you, please check out the podcast (the trailer is up now) and if not, thanks for reading and following this site, which I promise will continue to post all the same mental health posts you are used to seeing.

Be well.

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