To-do List Troubles

It is finally the weekend. The time that I look forward to so that I can recharge my anxious batteries. Of course, weekends are a time for to-do lists as well. More obligations for me to spin myself into an anxious frenzy over, especially if I am low on energy (i.e. low on spoons).

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Most people, I realize, don’t get a sense of dread at an ever-growing to-do list. Yet for me, the very thought of doing these things can sometimes be overwhelming. Just thinking about them can be exhausting. And when my anxiety and depression is particularly bad, doing them can be next to impossible.

To-do lists, though, are about expectations. As my therapist has been constantly reminding me, having mental illness requires setting expectations as well. Not setting expectations is what leads to feeling overwhelmed. It leads to feelings of failure. Life doesn’t have to be about racing through to-do lists faster than the next person. Doing that will just cause you to-do list troubles. Instead, life is something for you to do at your own pace.


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