Give Me Back My Spoons!

Over the next few days, I am doing a bit of traveling. First, I am off to Pennsylvania for Thanksgiving, then I’m doing a quick weekend stop in Austin for a wedding. And while I am excited to see anyone, I really hope my mental illnesses decide to give me back some of my spoons before then.

These spoons are courtesy of Ulrike Leone via

Do you know about the spoon theory? I’ve touched on it before, but I’ll give a quick refresher for those who might not have had any of their spoons that day and might have missed it. The Spoon Theory is something thought up by Christine Miserandino to explain what it is like living with chronic illness. Imagine that any task you want to do costs you a spoon. Most people get plenty of new spoons delivered each day and are perfectly capable of making it through. Yet for those of us who suffer from mental illness or other chronic illnesses, our spoons may be lacking, literally leaving us useless as we figuratively find ourselves spoon-less.

Lately, I haven’t been sleeping well, courtesy of my mental illnesses. It has made it more and more of a challenge to push myself out the door each morning, and I’ve felt it taking it’s toll. At this point, what I am most thankful for is the fact that I can sleep in a bit tomorrow and that after waking up, I have a day filled with family and feasting and friendly, lovable dogs to look forward to (four of the four legged friends to be exact, for dog lovers like myself, it will be wonderful).

So as I prepare to jet off towards festive times, I have just one request of my mental illnesses. Give me back my spoons. Please. I will be very thankful if you do.

And to all my readers out there, may you have safe travels and a wonderful, spoon filled holiday.

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