Cats Are Master Meditators (And Kind Of Annoying About It)

A couple nights ago, I was settling down to meditate when a weight suddenly dropped itself into my lap. It was my cat, Ginny, who was looking for a warm lap to sit on. Deciding that it was a test of my ability to tune out my surroundings, I went back to my meditation. I failed, but Ginny succeeded. 

I am firmly convinced that there is no creature in the world that is better at tuning out the rest of the world than cats. Within seconds, Ginny had tuned out the world and was settling down to go to sleep. And I know, you aren’t supposed to fall asleep when meditating, but I have done it enough times that I can’t really fault her for doing it. 

And this whole experience was kind of annoying. Here I was trying to meditate, and the darn cat comes along and does it better without even trying. So, in my meditative state, or attempted meditative state, I watched my annoyance bounce around within me until it eventually petered out of existence. So I think that means I succeeded in my mediation? I don’t know. 


Whatever I accomplished that night it seemed to be cat tested, cat approved.

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