Restlessly Restful Weekend

This weekend I am not letting my social anxiety win. I am leaving my house. For the whole weekend. Woohoo! Specifically, I am taking a mini-weekend trip to Milwaukee with my wife and some friends. And though I often prefer to rest and recover in the comfort of my own home, this restlessly restful weekend is going to be exactly what I need.

You see, having social anxiety doesn’t mean I don’t want to have people in my life. It just means that I want to engage with them on my terms. I don’t want the world forced on me, I want to be able to experience the world at my own pace, preferably a pace that my mental illness can handle and appreciate. 

And this weekend will hopefully be exactly that, an escape from the world of work, a world where I have to smile and put on a mask to engage with people when I’d rather be working from home, and instead exploring the world of Milwaukee with friends and with my wife in a way that I will enjoy. And in a way that, while perhaps restless in nature, will hopefully still help me recover. Although I guess whether that happens or not, well, we will have to just wait and see. Hopefully, I will have positive things to report after this weekend. Hopefully, this weekend will chase the lingering depressive issues I’ve been having away.

And here is wishing all of you a wonderful weekend as well.  

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