A Pretty Decent Month

October started and ended with me fight through depressions. Yet, most of the month was actually fairly good. It was the longest stretch I’ve had without a depressive episode in a while, and, as an added treat, it was the best month for this site’s overall viewership, so thank you for that! 

Depression is a constant battle. There is no cure. Celebrating the little things, like managing to make it through most of the month without a depressive episode, is an added boost to continue the fight. It is a sign that maybe some of the strategies you’ve been implementing are working. 

Of course, one of the biggest repellents of mental illness for me is human connection. Time spent with family and friends is a powerful rejection of the lies of mental illness. And this month was also a pretty decent month in that regard. 

Connection also comes from people you’ve never met. The positive responses I’ve gotten through this site are a reminder to myself and to others that we are not alone in our fight. And I am very thankful for that as well. 

Lastly, faith can be a powerful tool. This past month, I would like to think I have gone deeper in my faith, and that has helped me find more of a balance. A sermon I heard a while back said that it isn’t that God never gives you more than you can handle, it is that God never gives you more than He can handle. And that is a comforting reminder when I am trapped in the darkness. 

I am thankful to God, just as I am thankful to family, friends, and the readers who I’ve been fortunate enough to have follow me. Thank you to all for a pretty decent month. Here is hoping I have just as much to be thankful for in November.


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