You Are Awesome. I Am Awesome. Writer’s Block, Not So Awesome

I may have depression, anxiety, and a touch of writer’s block, but today I am saying fuck it, and not letting that defeat me. 

The last couple of days I have struggled with writer’s block. What does this look like? It looks like me staring at the page, maybe typing a few words. Deleting said words. Repeating. Sometimes with cursing added. Finally I decided fuck it, if writer’s block wants to hang around, I’ll put it on the page. And that makes me awesome. 

It probably won’t result in my best post ever, but that doesn’t matter. When you struggle with depression, every set back can be another defeat, which in turn becomes more fuel for the depression. And then the anxiety tag-teams with the depression and you worry that you will never accomplish anything. 

And so I am accomplishing this post. This mediocre, writer’s block inhibited post. But that it something. It is my victory over depression, anxiety, and writer’s block, instead of their victory over me.

And I bet you had victories today too. Did you go to work? That is a victory. Did you get up and get dressed? That is a victory. Did you wake up, and face the day, even if you faced the day from your bed because leaving it was just too much? Yes, that is a victory too. Because you are still here, still fighting the fight.

We have so many more victories over mental illness than we often don’t give ourselves credit for. So this post is a reminder that you are awesome. That I am awesome. And that writer’s block, is not so awesome.

So thank you for being awesome. And as always, thank you for reading.

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