Bonus Friday The 13th Post!

I love Friday the 13th. So, since that is today, you get a bonus post! (Dat-Dat-Da!)

I love Friday the 13th because 13 is my lucky number, but also because so many people consider it unlucky. They consider it cursed.

Maybe it is because of how dark and twisted I often feel on the inside, but I love zombie movies, and dark, scary tales of demons and nightmares come to life. I briefly even experimented with my own collection of short zombies, although my anxiety and writer’s block effectively killed that hobby (although maybe someday that interest will reanimate itself).

Maybe it is because I felt so isolated, so rejected, that I clung to something else that has been maligned and rejected. Something else that seemed cursed.

Whatever the reason, loving Friday the 13th is something true about me. Something that is mine. Something that makes me a bit happier.

So good luck finding something that works for you, something that helps you fight your demons, even if that something is possibly cursed.

I’ll even send you some of my good Friday the 13th luck.

4 thoughts on “Bonus Friday The 13th Post!”

  1. P.S. I also love snakes, even though most people can’t stand them, so I guess there are several things slithery and dark and twisty that ultimately make me…me.


  2. Both Friday the 13th and mistrust of snake biblical in nature. The only reason 13 is considered an unlucky number is because Judas was the 12th Decipel of Jesus, making him number 13 in total, well this is partially the reason.

    It’s funny how much the past influences us still to this day.

    Nothing wrong with not being part of the norm.


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