Struggling for Power in the Darkness

There are terrible things about having any illness, mental or physical. And while the struggle of those suffering physical ailments might be obvious, the battle of mental health sufferers is silent, a battle with demons only we can see. And who has the power in that internal battle can determine a lot about how the illness impacts you. 

A big part of my therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy or CBT. It focuses on me changing my mindset about certain things. This is a part of my treatment plan because it has been pointed out by my therapist and others that I sometimes give my anxiety and depression too much power over me. And that can allow my demons to defeat me before I even try.

This defeat takes the form of a dejected attitude, an assumption of failure, as my demons whisper lies about how unworthy I am. This defeat takes the form of complaining and being frustrated, which is understandable, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are terrible aspects to mental illness for sure, and real limitations you have to be aware of so you don’t overextend yourself. Yet, how limited you are will depend on who is winning the power struggle in the darkness. You can’t control your mental demons, but you absolutely can change how you look at them and at the world. That is what I will hopefully be more successful with moving forward.

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