It Isn’t Funny If You Have To Explain It

I can have funny moments from time to time. However, I usually quickly kill a joke by either over using it or explaining it. And truthfully, it isn’t funny if you have to explain it. 

Many great comedians have suffered or do suffer from depression, anxiety, and/or other mental illnesses. They include comic legends like Robin Williams, who never had to explain their jokes. Yet, they rarely open up about their struggles with demons. And these same people shock the world when they die by suicide because they never explained their inner darkness, afraid that people would be turned off by such seriousness stemming from someone they turn to for humor. 

Depressed people can absolutely be hilarious. They can even make their encounters with depression comical, and if you don’t believe me check our authors like Jenny Lawson or podcasts like The Hilarious World of Depression. Yet there is nothing funny about mental illnesses themselves. They are serious and potentially fatal illnesses and should be treated as such. And since it isn’t funny it is okay to explain it. It is okay to not be okay, because admitting that is the first step to getting help and getting better. 

And as a very important side note, if you know someone who is hilarious but seems “off” one day, it might be cracks in their mask. Don’t be afraid to reach into the darkness behind that mask and pull them out. Because not everyone can be funny, but everyone can care.

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