Back to Reality

….And we’re back. Thank you all for your patience during the relative radio silence of the last week. As you may know from my last post, I was on vacation for the whole week, often with only spotty connections to the internet. 

The escape from the hustle and bustle of my normal life was a welcome relief. And while aspects of my anxiety were certainly still present, no matter how far I traveled, it brought a welcome respite from the daily anxieties that had been plaguing me, all the while representing a victory over my personal struggles. 

At my worst I would (and in fact have) used vacation time to hide in the comfort of my house, escaping the world. This is not an ideal use of vacation time. Travel and vacation expand your horizons and feed the soul, even if it difficult to leave the familiar, as it is for me. But I trust in the people I love to push me when I need pushing, and I trust that when I need it I will be able to push myself to escape the anxiety that would otherwise trap me in my own house. 

Going on vacation shouldn’t be a great mental victory, but when you struggle it can be. And it absolutely should be celebrated. You get to define what victories are for you. Because when you find yourself back to reality, those victories will act as a welcome balm against the struggles of mental illness. 


And ultimately sometimes the change of scenery will be so spectacular that you’ll briefly forget about the personal demons clamoring for your soul.

A view of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore from the waters of Lake Superior. Even my demons were left temporarily speechless by the beauty of these cliffs.

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