Update: Vacationing, but Packed My Anxiety

I haven’t posted as much this week (and by as much I mean at all) because my wife and I have been on vacation. Vacations are necessary, an escape from the stresses of normal life, but when you struggle with generalized anxiety disorder, you end up packing your anxiety with you.

The anxiety presents itself when interacting with the locals, particularly when the locals are extra vocal or even just regularly friendly. On top of these anxiety triggers comes the fact that I can’t retreat to the safety and security of my house in order to reset my anxiety levels.

Yet the other side of vacation is the chance for me to sleep in, set my own schedule, spend quality time with my wife, and expand my horizons by adding new experiences to my repertoire. And most importantly it represents a victory over my anxiety. Rather than being forced to become a hermit, I am living my life, conscious of the limitations caused by my anxiety, but not letting it control my life.

Oh, and the view is pretty good too….

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