Shining a Light on Our Dark Tales: Mental Health Awareness Month

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. While the fight against the demons of mental health is constant, existing every month and every day, this month is an opportunity to spread the awareness of that fight further. Because as the tagline for this site says, the demons of mental health hate having their story told.

Since I’ve started this site I’ve talked to people who delayed seeking help, whether it was medication or therapy or something else, because the stigma, because they felt like it was a weakness. Hearing other stories helps fight that stigma. This month is a great chance for those of us who deal with mental health issues day in and day out to take advantage of the added spotlight of mental health awareness month and tell the world that this isn’t a weakness, it is an illness and we are strong for fighting it. And for those who are struggling in darkness, this month is an opportunity for them to discover that they are not alone.

So if you are struggling with mental health issues, maybe this month will be the month you start fighting openly, shining a light on your demons. If you know someone who is struggling, maybe this month you’ll share this site or some other mental health resource with them. And together, maybe we’ll push those demons back a little more.


And just a reminder – anyone who wishes to tell their story, to shine a light on their demons – they are welcome to do so on this site. Simply comment below or reach out through the contact page.

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