My Demons Hate Good Music. Because My Demons Just Aren’t Cool Like That

Last week I added a music page to the site. I did this not because I think I am some great critic of music. I like what I like without regard to composition or style. Sometimes it is the lyrics that connects with me, sometimes it is just a good or catchy tune. And the music I listed on that page are songs that have helped me the most when I’ve been facing some of my darkest moments. Because the fact is that my demons hate good music. They just aren’t cool like that.

When you’re facing your demons, especially when you’re facing them in the darkness of a particularly bad spell of anxiety or depression, it can seem like you are hopelessly outmatched. Yet the truth is you have so many tools at your disposal. Some of them I’ve talked about quite a bit on this page, things like therapy, medication, and meditation. Yet there are so many other tools available to you. And one of them is music.

I once heard someone say that the great thing about music is that when it hits you it doesn’t hurt. And when you are dealing with the pain of depression, the bottomless well of suffering and darkness that seemingly has no end, something that doesn’t hurt and can push out the demons in your head can be exactly what you need. At least it is exactly what I need.

As I’ve said before everyone is different in their journey with mental illnesses, but music seems to be one of the more universal tools that exists. Because like I said, the demons of mental illness just aren’t cool enough to appreciate our music.

The list I posted on the music page include some of my favorites, but feel free to comment or contact me with some of your favorites. I always love discovering new tunes to fight my demons and I hope my playlist can similarly help you fight yours if you are struggling.

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