Insurance Companies and the Coming of the Anti-Health

Like most people, I get my health insurance through my employer. This week, I found out that my company is changing insurance providers, and the therapist I see isn’t fully covered. It is a good thing I was working from home when I found this out because the utterances of numerous profanities would have likely taken care of the whole problem by getting me fired had it occurred in the office. Instead, the only one who heard the deluge of curses was my cat, who at most was mildly perturbed at briefly being woken up from her nap.

This isn’t the first, and I doubt it will be the last, time that insurance headaches have brought around more anxiety than the treatments they’re supposed to be covering. Fighting demons is hard enough, but sometimes you have to fight insurance goliaths too.

It is astonishing to me, the hurdles that one must sometimes navigate to access mental health care. And I’m not just talking about insurance fights, but convincing friends and family that you do need the medication you’re on, convincing work to give you time to see a therapist, and so often convincing yourself of all these things. Having health insurance companies tell you that the help you get isn’t covered only adds insult to this injury.

While I am still figuring out the best option for me from the mess of insurance choices I have to now sort through, this isn’t the first time I’ve found myself in this situation. As such, my main reason for making this post, besides ranting some, is to push back on insurance companies and the coming anti-health by posting some resources that might be of use.






10% Happier


Meditation apps like Calm and 10% Happier are not substitutes for licensed mental health professionals, but they can help someone who might be struggling and unsure of where to turn to next because of insurance woes or other hurdles.

Also, this is by no means a comprehensive list. These are just ones I am aware of or have looked at in the past. Please feel free to send me more possible resources and I will list them on this site.

4 thoughts on “Insurance Companies and the Coming of the Anti-Health”

  1. I am (fortunately?) disabled and so don’t have to fight this as much as someone who works, but an issue I have had to wrestle with is that the cost of adding me to my fiance’s insurance is impossible when we add up what co-pays, meds, etc…would cost. Unfortunately, we literally cannot afford to be married. Therefore, we are gonna put on rings and call one another Husband and Wife, and not do the paperwork. Which some people (my family, for instance) will not ever accept as a marriage. We see no other option until there is Universal Healthcare. Ok, sorry to whine on your page, most people just have no idea what this is like.


    1. First, you never need to apologize for sharing thoughts here. On the contrary, I thank you for being so open. The commitment between you and your significant other is more important than the paperwork and red tape and forms the true foundation for the good times and hardships that will lie ahead. Again, thank you for sharing! Best wishes!


  2. The BEST antidote for most depression is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, i. e., volunteer to help those most in need directly not online.


    1. Thanks for the suggestion. Getting and staying involved is definitely a good strategy, but in my experience the best approach for mental health struggles varies greatly from one person to another. Thank you again for the input!


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