Es-ca-pe … It’s spelled like Escape

This post is mostly to let everyone know I’ll be taking the weekend off, but also to talk about the importance of taking time for yourself, even if perhaps you feel guilty for doing so.

This weekend, starting about 8 hours ago, I’m visiting my sister in North Carolina, enjoying a change of scenery from my house and a change of temperature from the chill that is still hanging around Illinois as it tries to break into full-fledged spring.

I enjoy traveling, experiencing new places, and I of course enjoy visiting family. Yet my anxiety also goes into overdrive as I am surrounded with not only unfamiliar people, but unfamiliar places. What if I need the safety of being able to retreat to my home and it isn’t there? What if I get lost in this new place and can never find my way again? And I know, I know these fears are ridiculous given modern technology and the fact you’re always connected, and the fact that I will still have a safe space I can retreat to if I need to do so.

And frankly, it is important to test your anxiety, challenge it, prove to yourself that the apocalypse isn’t waiting for you when you leave your house. And maybe that is the reason I love traveling the most, because it forces me to say to my anxiety, “not this time dammit, you won’t take this trip from me.”

So here I am. Escaping out into the world. Stealing lines from lovable movies. And living my life in spite of my anxiety. Because it takes so much from you, you can’t let it take the joy of exploration every once in a while, and the joy of escaping, if only for a few days, the troubles of your normal routine that so often feeds it. I plan on having a very Carolinarific weekend, and I hope you have a good weekend too.

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