Those Days When Mental Illness is Surprisingly Great

In Friday’s post I talked about how I was have a bad mental health day. Everything about that day was a struggle. And the responses I got, both from people online and from people I opened up to in person, were simply amazing.

One of depression’s many insidious traits is that it isolates you, making you feel like you are all alone and no one cares about you. But that is a lie, and depression can’t stand for long when you see the truth pouring out from those in your life.

Thankfully over the weekend I found myself coming out of my depression and feeling more like my normal self, still plagued by self-doubt, but able to enjoy spending time with friends and with my wife again. The beauty of depression, which is often overshadowed by its darkness, is how much deeper good days and even mediocre days are experienced by those so used to struggling. We learn to appreciate those days even more because we know how low our minds can go. And that beauty is magnified by all the people reminding you that you are not alone, and that sometimes it is okay to not be okay. It is magnified by something as simple as your wife, being present with you during your depressive episode, even if that is just sitting on the couch binge watching TV because that is all you can handle.

There are a lot of days when having a mental illness really fucking sucks. But without those bad days, you’d never notice those days when having mental illness is surprisingly great.

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